Wednesday, May 14, 2008

(Hamilton Conference, Ontario)

When the United for Peace Fund was announced last fall, the congregation began its worship in a space that featured over 40 feet of blue fabric starting at the cross and flowing like a river of peace along one wall of the sanctuary and out the front doors! Every week, symbols were added to the wall - red poppies on Remembrance Day, white doves on Children's' Sunday and on the last Sunday of November 2007, we planted blue and white grape hyacinths outside by the front steps to symbolize our hope that peace will bloom in our world.

Two weeks ago (April 27th/08) the first flowers appeared and the youngest member, Matthew Bisbee stopped to see and smell them!

The blue fabric remained in place throughout Advent, anchoring our anticipation of Advent peace as well as hope, joy and love and reminding us that working for peace is an ongoing call for Jesus' disciples. It also remained through funerals and a baptism reminding all who gathered the the Prince of Peace is with us in our struggles and our celebrations!

Blessings!(Rev.) Tiina K. Cote
- Rock Chapel United Church just outside Hamilton, ON

Thank you for sharing another great idea, peace is flowing like a river!!! Pam

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