Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS - this is the railing at the front of the Joggins United Church in Joggins, Nova Scotia. On Sunday Feb 8th the name of Sean Greenfield was added to the 108 white paper peace doves. Each paper peace dove bears the name of a Canadian Soldier who died in Afghanistan close by a red Poppy has been placed to celebrate their lives - 108 names on peace doves and more will be added when necessary.

God calls upon us to love one another, each of us can be a peacemaker by the way we live our lives and treat others. Peace is a way of life!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

United for Peace
'Sweet Treats'
All their guests received a dish of ice-cream with a peace dove shaped sugar cookie placed on the side. This was the perfect sweet to finish off the church luncheon.
. The United Church Women of Bridgewater United Church in Nova Scotia hosted a soup luncheon to raise funds for United for Peace. In addition they have also sold pins and raised approximately $2,000.00 to support the campaign. Thanks to Ruth Rudderham for this story and pictures.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The PEACE POLE at Mount Joy United Church

(Timmins, Ontario)

This is a wonderful idea to publicise the congregation's effort to promote peace. Using words and flags they have clearly stated PEACE in 17 languages. The words were then put onto pieces of wood in languages such as Hebrew, Finnish, Cree, French and Italian, along with English, to help spread the word."It was important to us as the campaign began that we have the languages of the different people in this community on the peace pole," said Pastor Darlene Hardy.
Thanks to Bill and Darlene Hardy for the photo.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

United for Peace - unique idea!

Congratulations to the congregation of Mountjou United Church in Timmins, ON. The new PEACE POLE stands proudly outside the door of the church.
Parishioners of the church were asked to pick a word for peace in several different languages to display on the pole located outside the church doors.
The peace pole is not just about creating awareness in the community, but also a fundraiser to help the United Church of Canada's "United for Peace" project reach its $2-million goal to support peace projects around the world.
Hardy said those who participated in decorating the peace pole each paid $5. Church members have also sold peace pins and plan to bake peace cookies in the shape of a dove, the symbol for peace.
"We want to promote peace around the world and in the community," said Hardy.
"We live in a world of so much unrest and peace begins with each one of us individually."
The United for Peace campaign was officially launched in November 2007 with the goal of raising $2 million to support peace initiatives in Palestine and Israel. That goal was expanded to include projects around the world.
As money is received, 50 per cent will go toward the original project locations in Palestine and Israel, with the rest going to other initiatives around the world. The idea of the campaign is grounded in the fact that there cannot be peace without justice in the world.
In 2003, the United Church named six core pillars that sustain peace and justice -- equitable global economic development, promotion of human rights, democratic governance, a healthy, sustainable physical environment, war prevention and peace building, and arms control and disarmament agreements.
"We just need to promote peace," said Hardy. "Peace among us and peace around us.
Before Sunday's service began, the church's parishioners stood by the peace pole for an official dedication and prayer for peace.
Besides the upcoming sale of cookies, the church will also be displaying a peace tree this Christmas, decorated with handmade and purchased dove ornaments.

Congratulations to your congregation for this very creative idea.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CHIGNECTO Presbytery, Maritime Conference
'United for Peace' Display
As I looked toward the back of the church hall; I rushed over to see the bright blue doves. They were so beautiful, up to this point most everyone is making 'white peace doves'. (click on the picture for a closer look.)
Artist’s Statement -
This hand-dyed batik paper was designed for the United Church peace dove project. I choose the color blue to represent the sky. The circles of dots represent growth and strength. Four layers of dye and three layers of hot beeswax are used to build this pattern up from an original white piece of Japanese ori masa paper.
Amber Friedman
1 506 785 4643

A sheet is $25.00 and you can cut 63 paper doves from one sheet. Each dove may be sold for $1.00 resulting in a profit of $38.00 per sheet. Wonderful and unique fund raising idea.

The blue doves are beautiful. Placed on a white twig tree with white mini lights they are lovely decorations.
Chignecto Presbytery, Maritime Conference, continues to sell cookies at their meetings with all the profits going to United for Peace. A donation of $65.00 will be forwarded by Betty Jean to the United for Peace Campaign from the sale of 44 dozen cookies prepared by a neighbourhood bakery, The Cook Nook, Richibucto. Three pastoral charges bought 30 dozen cookies and will be selling cookies at a $2.00/dozen mark-up raising another $60.00 for the campaign. Thank you for your efforts to raise awareness about peace. Betty-Jean Friedman

Sunday, Sept 14, 2008
Parrsboro United Church, Nova Scotia
Rev Sandra Riddell welcomed Peter Davison as the guest speaker at their special worship service - UNITED FOR PEACE. Peter is a well know teacher in the Halifax area and has written books of peace for youth. He was nominated for a United Nations Award and was written up in the Oprah magazine. He said, "peace and war both start in the same place" and went on to tell stories to make his point.
The bulletin contained information on the two year campaign. Special envelopes were included for an additional offering.
Everyone received a white peace dove to place on a tree at the front of the church. During the month of August a little girl sat in church every Sunday and cut out the paper doves. She decorated them and added a ribbon. We all signed our names on the doves as a commitment to peace.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

United for Peace Workshop

(click on the pictures to read the signitures)

Individuals who attended the United for Peace workshop on Saturday May 31st gathered to discuss how congregations in Maritime Conference will become involved - it was agreed that we need to 'pray for peace every day'. All who attended signed the poster.
Everyone wrote their name and pastoral charge on a white peace dove. These doves will be added to the doves in the Joggins United Church. Note the gift bag - it was suggested as a decoration or maybe away to give a gift to a guest speaker. Pins and cookie cutters were sold at the book display areas.

Pam Harrison showed a power point presentation sharing good ideas from across Canada. These United Church folks will take back ideas to their congregations.
- To act
- To learn
- To give